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I was worried these sleeves would be problematic in sticking to the disc surface -- or worse, the label, resulting in :
- "chipped" or patchy damage to the silkscreen or other images and text on the disc surface ;
- impressions or "silly putty" transferring of inkjet ink (from inkjet-printed homemade labels) to the inside of the sleeve ;
or at the very least, making the discs difficult to removeby just sticking too snugly inside the sleeve.

However, I was pleasantly surprised and delightfully proved wrong!

While they did give the impression of being "staticky" or sticky upon first inserting a disc, later removing the disc proved to be easy and no risk of any damage to the CD whatsoever - data side nor label side.

The price is right for this storage solution, which is a protective (perfected by a "locking" flap to keep out dust & debris), yet also a functional (allowing for inserts to go inside or pasted on the outside) means of keeping massive CD collections (as I have, close to 1000 CDs by now) without the space-consuming jewel cases.

They're not only ideal for personal CD/DVD libraries, but also sharing ; passing around your demos of your band or sharing custom CD mixes with friends, or even presentaion discs, which will fit safely and unobstructively within binders or notebooks.

I purchased 1000 sleeves originally, and more recently picked up another 500. I may yet grab another 500, just to have them on hand, as I trust this will be a long-term solution for my CD storage.
Date Added: 02/04/2014 by Will Christensen
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